.17 Winchester Super Magnum

It looks like 2013 will be a good year for Rimfire Fans…

Winchester has just announced a new rimfire cartridge called the .17 WInchester Super Magnum.  Hoping to dominate the market with a new super fast .17 caliber, Winchester has looked to a very unique source; their commercial fastener division.  The case is based off a .27 caliber nail-gun blank, which was modified and necked down to take the .17-caliber bullet, allowing for a stellar 33,000 PSI internal pressure.

Winchester VP of Sales, Bret Flaughter has said:

Our engineers have been developing the top-secret .17 Win Super Mag caliber for more than three years and the rimfire revolution begins now…At 3,000 feet per second it’s the fastest modern rimfire cartridge on the planet. The downrange energy deposited by the .17 Win Super Mag will be a game-changer for varmint and predator hunters everywhere.

Capable of pushing a 20-Grain projectile roughly 3,000 fps, the .17 WSM will be the hottest rimfire round on the market today.  Coupled with a claimed drop of only 4.1 inches at 200 yards, this should strike terror in the heart of squirrels everywhere…

Savage hopes to have rifles chambered in this range by mid-April.  At least 2 other manufacturers are said to be onboard.  (Here is hoping CZ is one of them!)  Look for a review of the early rifles here!

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